It’s not quite The Real Housewives of Osaka. The latest Reality Show isn’t even a show at all—it’s a new magazine out of Tokyo, created and edited by fashion writer (and contributor) Tiffany Godoy and Tomoyuki Yonezu. For the first issue (actually 5 separate small magazines wrapped together in a giant poster), Godoy approached style icons who’ve caught the eyes of Japan’s rabid street-style photogs—everyone from acknowledged celebrities, like Japanese supermodel Ai Tominaga and DJ/scenester Mademoiselle Yulia (below) to the hairstylist-in-training Nirei twins—and had them style themselves in a combination of their own clothes and the runway styles of one designer of their choice. (Tominaga chose Japan’s own Yohji Yamamoto; Madame Yulia, Balmain.) The magazine, Godoy says, aims to be “a window between Europe and Asia,” but Tominaga, for her part, is a hometown loyalist. “I want Japan to refine what ‘Japanese’ is,” she says in her interview. “Look inside. I don’t mean look back, but look at themselves, look around.” Fellow Japanese may be looking around, but odds are all eyes were on Tominaga herself tonight at the magazine’s launch party in Tokyo, where she took to the decks as a special guest DJ. Those farther afield will soon be able to get their hands on The Reality Show’s first issue at Colette and online at Resirt.