In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what Silly Bandz are, they’re the latest fad to hit elementary schools and playgrounds. The plastic novelty bracelets are $4.95 for a pack of 24, and come in various shapes and themes like princess, dinosaur, even baseball. They are all the rage with kids under the age of 16. Or, so we thought…

Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker and Mary-Kate Olsen were spotted sporting the trend. Is the accessory making its way into adults’ wardrobes? It says it right in the name — they’re silly! So why are grown men and women (and serious fashionistas for that matter) rocking Silly Bandz? Some claim the bracelets keep them youthful. Others are mainly holding them for their children.

I have yet to decide whether I love them or hate them, but teachers and principals are admittedly non-fans. Many schools have even banned them due to their distraction factor. I can totally see how distracting they can be. I’ve been staring at SJP’s wrist for an hour trying to figure out what Silly Bandz shape she chose!