Ashton and Demi are on day two of the Master Cleanse, and it’s apparently “better than the 1st,” Mrs. Kutcher recently tweeted. As with Jessica Simpson’s recent Twitter admission to shocking her system with a vegan diet, the Kutchers’ lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup diet has nothing to do with weight management, and everything to do with health. Whatever it takes to keep those fires of marital passion ablaze, we guess.

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is a natural blonde who started dyeing her hair that signature fiery shade of red when she was 10 because she wanted to look like Anne of Green Gables. Now you know.

Even if you don’t buy into aromatherapy, a new finding may entice you to suspend your disbelief: According to researchers, a deep, long whiff of jasmine can mimic the effect of Valium. And so dawns the day of floral sedatives.

Amy Strozzi, Sarah Palin’s makeup artist from the 2008 campaign circuit, has been nominated for an Emmy—for the show So You Think You Can Dance, not for any recent Palin appearances. Although she sure did earn that sizable paycheck from the GOP in the Palin vs. Biden vice presidential debate showdown.