Bad news, little monsters. This week’s reports that Lady Gaga has a perfume in the works is “a totally false rumor”—for now. Don’t count out the pants-less-wonder when it comes to the celebrity fragrance game.

You may remember the Pob and those spiky blond highlights, but Victoria Beckham has enjoyed many other hair phases, too. Like, say, the “poodle perm”—a look we doubt she’ll be revisiting anytime soon.

Finally, Courteney Cox comes clean about her Botox use in the new issue of InStyle. “I don’t have a problem with any of that stuff; if it makes you feel better about yourself and it’s done properly, then fine.” She does admit to overdoing it occasionally though, as anyone who has seen Cougar Town is well aware. (Fine! We watch it on occasion, but only when nothing else is on.)

And now, for a study in aging gracefully, we give you: the French. It’s not so much that Frenchwomen don’t get fat, it’s that they won’t. Compulsive weight management, a dedication to buying more skincare products that anyone else in Europe, and some government-funded spa time are just a few secrets that keep our Parisian counterparts looking better than us well into their sixties. As far as feeling sexy into old age, there’s a collective “mind over makeup” mentality—and a wealth of fancy underwear purveyors, of course.