Word around the blogosphere is that Natalie Portman’s first order of business as the face of Dior Beauty will be to star in the brand’s latest cinemercial, which will allegedly be shot by Sofia Coppola. For those of you who, like us, watched the director’s sweet, macaron-fueled Miss Dior Cherie short film on repeat when it launched last year, that list of future work procrastination tools just got a little more interesting.

With the announcement about her new fragrance out of the way, Katy Perry has better things to talk to fans about, namely the one girl she’d actually like to kiss (see Portman, Natalie, above) and her manicure plans for her upcoming nuptials to Russell Brand. The self-proclaimed “nail aficionado and freak” will be going with traditional, pretty “wedding nails,” rather than hand designs and Minx appliqués. Bor-ing.

For those of you concerned about LiLo’s time in prison, rest assured: The troubled actress has been allowed to keep her hair extensions in, despite earlier reports to the contrary. Only detachable extensions are removed from inmates’ tresses, apparently. Thank goodness for that pro bonding job, eh?

The latest buzzed-about ingredient to join the antiaging discourse? Bee venom, an organic, line-diminishing substance that stars in a new facial that’s taking the London style set by storm. So, yes, Gwyneth is into it.