With a client list that includes such A-listers as Madonna, Brad Pitt, and Kate Winslet, superstar facialist Tracie Martyn has scrutinized the pores of most of Hollywood. The British-born pro started out as a makeup artist who had a knack for prepping skin behind the camera. She was so good that models like Kate Moss used to drop by her Brooklyn apartment for pre-photo shoot touch-ups. Eventually, Martyn developed such a following that she retired the makeup brushes and opened up an eponymous spa in Manhattan, where she now performs her signature Resculpting Facial (a.ka. the “red-carpet facial,” known for its CGI-like lifting and contouring effects) on many a bold-facer. She also has a holistic skincare range that’s (almost) as good as a private session and a sparkling new spa in Miami Beach’s Fontainebleau hotel. Here, Martyn gives us a rundown of the experts she swears by.