CYCLING has long been the chicest way to get about town. While others are succumbing to road rage and congestion charges, atop two wheels, one can happily breeze through the maze of road works and traffic jams and arrive at your destination unfazed.

Not only is cycling the most elegant way to traverse the city, it’s also the most efficient: as cars move around our capital at an average speed of 7mph, journey times can by halved on a bike – with cyclists averaging 13 mph.

So what should you wear to push the pedals? Avoid top-to-toe lycra at all costs – think pottering down country lanes, not competing in a velodrome. From vest vetting to the right shoes, Vogue‘s cyclists talk you through their tips for chic riding:

Olivia Ferragamo, senior fashion manager for Europe:
“I ride my black Pashley in from Notting Hill Gate, it’s around three miles. I ride in exactly what I would wear to work, with a change of shoes and no jacket. Typically it’s a dress and some flats. At the office I just add heels and a jacket. I always have a lightweight raincoat and gloves in the winter. My tip for chic cycling is always wear shades (you never know what is going to fly in your eye when at top speed).”

How else to move at speed in style? Firstly, personalise your wheels: Dani Foffa of Foffa bikes builds to spec – everything from reconditioned vintage racers to hyped, bright fixed-wheel creations. The Italian has recently related to a new bigger warehouse space in East London where budding and obsessive cyclists come to drool over his bespoke creations. MyVelo offer a similar service.

Secondly, be prepared – Cycledelik are the AA for two-wheeled road users. The central London office controls a fleet of emergency pick-up vans equipped with spare tyres, break cables and all manner of tools to fix any problems on the road side.

Thirdly, find like minded riders: on September 5, professionals, amateurs and families will gather in London for Skyride (last year’s turnout topped 65,000) and the next Tweed Run – where vintage lovers decked in Thirties and Forties daywear gather on Savile Row for a ride that ends with tea and cucumber sandwiches – will take place next spring.