Despite the barrage of images from Chelsea Clinton’s Rhinebeck, New York, nuptials that plastered the covers of gossip rags and respectable pubs alike last week, certain specifics surrounding Ms. Clinton’s wedding to Marc Mezvinsky still remain top-secret. While guest list notables, catering details, and who-wore-what info circulated immediately after the couple wed on July 31, we’ve been waiting patiently to discover the ins and outs of the bride’s makeup look. After what some might call stalking (we prefer the word “persistence”), we finally got the exclusive info from makeup artist Barbara Lacy, a favorite face painter of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who made the bride blush—with Fresh’s FreshFace Blush Powder Nectar—two weekends ago.

Lacy, who has prepped dozens of politicos for the spotlight, chose an elegant palette of silver, rose, and black tones for the evening ceremony, playing off the sparkling crystal and pearl embellished sash of Chelsea’s Vera Wang dress. Rather than apply colors straight out of the tube, Lacy prefers to mix formulas and blend them into the skin, which makes having good makeup brushes an absolute “must,” she says. To start, she applied Fresh’s Rose FreshFace Primer for a little dewy glow and patted the bride’s lids with Trish McEvoy’s Eye Base Essential to prevent creases. From there, she combined a variety of porcelain cream foundations to accentuate Chelsea’s ivory skin, and dusted on powder to tone down shine. “I prefer translucent powders—they prevent a cakey effect,” Lacy says.