Rolex Yacht-Master replica watches are quality pseudo copies of the original versions also known as Rolex Yacht Master Models. The main brand of the awesome models came into being as one of the powerful brands of the great Rolex Company.

Here are some historical facts and features of the replica version
Just few years after the invention of the original Rolex Yacht-Master in the year 1992, the Yacht-Master Rolex replica watches followed as cheaper versions which have the same features like the original versions.
In the area of appearance, the Rolex Yacht-Master replica watches have the official crown logo of the Rolex company on their facial regions. This puts them in the same levels with the original versions.
Among the very first collections of the Rolex Yacht-Master Replica models are the ones that come with the 11628 model numbers. They come in 18KT yellow gold just like their original counterpart. They are meant only for the men folk. Their cheapness attracts so many men to their purchase all the time.
In the year 1994, the women version of the original Rolex Yacht-Master came onboard. Few months later, the replica version of it also came to the fore. This turned so many women on, especially those of them who could not afford to go for the costly original brand.
Generally, the Rolex Yacht-Master Replica watches have wonderful features. They are designed with quality gold and stainless steel bracelets. They also have their facial glasses made for the lustrous mineral crystal element that is very transparent.