Bobbi Brown has penned a new book for teens that goes beyond mere makeup tutorials and delves into fitness and nutrition territory. Brown’s goal with her new tome is to convey to the troubled youths of the world that “it’s OK to look different from everyone else. And that you don’t have to look like a Barbie.” Fittingly, Hilary Duff—who seems decidedly over her body image issues of old—provides the foreword.

Evan Rachel Wood’s much anticipated ads for Gucci’s new Guilty fragrance have landed. She is barely recognizable, with an allover bronze replacing her signature ivory skin, but believe us when we tell you it’s her. Also unrecognizable is Wood’s fiancée, Marilyn Manson, who stars as the stubbly chinned, epically tanned model kissing her neck. We kid, we kid.

While Brazilian waxes have ruled the day for the past few years, all it took was one full-frontal nudity episode of Entourage to spark controversy on the Twitterverse and the blogosphere about saving the hair down there. If you were wondering what could incite mass twittering from the aggressively heterosexual dudes of the world, there you have it.

Speaking of the Twitterverse, Teri Hatcher posted the words “Oy with the Botox!” on her account along with pictures of her actually wrinkling her face and showing expression lines to prove that she’s done with the popular injectable. Honestly, we didn’t think the 45-year-old actress could still furrow her brow. Consider us mistaken.