MOSCHINO has designed the entire wardrobe for a new Peroni Nastro Azzurro short film directed by Gabriele Muccino called Senzo Tempo or Timeless. Set in Sixties Rome, the film explores Italian style and heritage.

Costume designer Angelica Russo chose to collaborate with Moschino after meeting its creative director Rossella Jardini.

“Rossella is a charming and elegant woman, who brings such attention to detail and passion to the world of fashion,” said Russo. “It was a very important experience for me because Rossella, and therefore Moschino’s fashion, allowed me to interpret my vision in which cinema and fashion can still make people dream. I see a great creative synergy within these fields, in both of which Italy has a tradition of excellence.”

The film’s male lead Francesco Scianna, wears a single-breasted, slim fitting suit with a white shirt and vintage braces while, the female star, Gaia Mazzocchi is dressed in bustier dress reminiscent of Anita Ekberg in the iconic movie, La Dolce Vita.

“I am enthusiastic about Angelica’s work because she was able to interpret perfectly the costumes for a specific period like the Sixties which always seem so timeless,” said director Gabriele Muccino. “This movie takes place in a Rome that doesn’t exist anymore, but that is still eternal too”. Angelica Russo started with the concept of a “dream”, of stylized fashion, of detailed elegance and flair making Moschino the ideal pairing for the project.”