The list of hosts was a mile long: David Byrne, Parker Posey, Prabal Gurung, Paper’s Mickey Boardman, Bonnie Morrison. And is that Matthew Modine? Yes it is, over there in the baseball cap.

The occasion, as these occasions often are, was goodwill. The above (and several more) were pulling their weight at the Tribeca Grand last night, raising funds to build a women’s health center in Rajasthan, India. And despite the early-in-the-week Tuesday night, the party was packed with well-wishers (and open-bar frequenters) all evening long. More than a few bleary-eyed designers even left the work room for a rare night out—despite being now officially in the frantic run-up to New York fashion week. (Buzz among the editors centered on the season’s first NYFW save-the-dates, which began arriving yesterday afternoon.) Host Gurung and Fenton/Fallon jeweler Dana Lorenz both had work left to do—the latter even planned, post a single cocktail, to head back to the studio—but the cause was too good to miss. Why? Chalk it up the charms of the subcontinent. “I went to India, and people either love it or hate it,” Boardman (left, with Posey), dressed in a vintage leopard-print blazer, explained. “The minute I stepped off the plane, I thought, baby’s home!” Baby was in good company.