PURPLE PARK, a gorgeous cashmere label, has launched its first collection. Founded by Michael Kopplstatter, the man behind C.R.A.F.T denim, the new range fuses rock ‘n’ roll chic with luxe, high quality fabrics.

“We always wanted to create the best cashmere on the market, but we always felt that really good cashmere qualities were only available in boring classic styles like twinsets,” says Kopplstatter. “We destroyed and distressed our private cashmere pullovers by ourselves to give them an edgy, rocking attitude. After we felt that the shapes and necklines were still unsexy so then we played around with those. The main idea is to offer the best cashmere quality with a real sexy, rockin’ attitude.”

The name Purple Park comes from Kopplstatter’s belief that purple is the real colour for sophisticated rock souls, while park refers to Park Avenue which nods to the label’s love of luxury. With muses such as Kate Moss and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Purple Park are determined to challenge traditional ideas of cashmere being seen as safe.

“To make it rock, we’ve designed really sexy cuts like deep necklines, super-hot mini dresses, we’ve also worked on the finish of the cashmere by distressing the material and showing holes and destructive detail,” Kopplstatter tells us. “It’s highly technical and can only be produced in Italy and by hand.”

To place an order ring + 44 (0) 20 7580 1612.