Rockers and editors rubbed shoulders last night after getting past one of Fashion’s Night Out’s tightest guest lists: the launch of Alexa Chung’s capsule collection for Madewell at the latter’s Soho store. J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler, The Strokes, Lou Doillon, Devendra Banhart and boyfriend Alex Turner of the Artic Monkeys all showed up to help Chung celebrate her launch (and in some cases—guess which—moonlight as DJ). Prior to its being opened up to the public, the space was overrun with insiders swooping up silk blouses with Peter Pan collars and schoolgirl dresses in velvet and silk; Chung describes the style as “nothing too sexy, nothing too flashy.”

But for someone who’s dressing none too sexy and none too flashy (in her own words, at least), Chung certainly sets off a lot of flashbulbs and inspires a lot of trends. “It’s fucking weird to be honest,” Chung says with her usual directness. “I saw this girl tonight buying this skirt”—she motions to the mid-calf white one she’s wearing, from her own collection—”and for a moment I thought, ‘No! That’s mine!’ And then I realized and thought, ‘You can have it too.’” The appeal of the Alexa style is what will send clothes flying off the racks, and that, after all, is the point. For her part, Chung vows she won’t change her look. “I’ll stay true,” she said.

There were rockers aplenty at her party, but there was one in particular she was hoping to catch after FNO wrapped. “We might go see Iggy Pop if he’s playing,” she said. “I plan on getting very drunk.” No word on whether she did the latter, but Iggy Pop did play—at POP’s Don Hills bash. He rocked his own signature style, too: shirtlessness. Like Alexa, many may copy it, but Iggy’s never giving it up.