Body art enjoyed a renaissance for Spring 2010 (Chanel, Rodarte, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc.), but temporary tattoos on the runway are now evolving even further. For her Spring 2011 presentation, Wayne Lee enlisted the services of famed illustrator and personal friend Hope Gangloff, who teamed up with the airbrush makeup wizards at Temptu for some of the most gorgeous ink transfers we’ve seen yet. To match the prints in the collection, Gangloff scrawled a series of vines, leaves, and pitcher plants before turning in her handiwork to Temptu, a leader in the temporary tattoo business for over 30 years (they inked up De Niro in Cape Fear, FYI). Then body artist Jenai Chin took over, decorating a handful of the models’ forearms for the show by applying the blue/black drawings with an alcohol swab and dusting with translucent powder to hold. We’re currently sporting a Gangloff original on our own forearm, and it’s so good-looking, we’re thinking about getting a real version of something similar. Our parents will no doubt be thrilled.