Here at StyleBistro HQ, we like to kick around a theory about Paris Hilton: That, behind her flaky, fake-tan, Barbie-esque persona, there lies an incredibly astute self-marketer who has you (and us) wrapped around her well-manicured pinkie finger. Witness exhibit A: Paris’ conservative court attire.

Remember, this is the same heiress who paraded her bod all across Europe in vibrant monokinis this summer; one who can rock a leopard-print slip dress and manage to pull a floor-length ballgown all the way over her head. (Look mom, no panties!) But, for today’s appearance at a Las Vegas court to settle that pesky matter of cocaine possession, Paris pulled out the perfect mea culpa ensemble: A black-and-cream wrap shirt dress and a sweet-as-honey diamond bow pendant.

The savvy socialite finished her look with demure black pumps, a half-up hairstyle and an expression of utter innocence. Perhaps it worked: Paris walked away with only a slap on her pretty wrist.