WHAT: Wool Week was officially launched last night with a glamorous party last night. The initiative, set up by Prince Charles and supported by Condé Nast managing director Nicholas Coleridge, got off to a flying fashion start.
“The mission is very simple – to remind people all over the country about the benefits of wool, said Coleridge in his speech. “My job is to thank you – the 68 fashion brands and department stores, the dozens of carpet tycoons, the 40 interior decorators who are supporting Wool Week.”
Although not there in person His Royal Highness, Prince Charles spoke via video, highlighting the importance of wool within the British fashion industry.
“A couple of years ago I was shocked to discover that it often costs more the shear a sheep than a farmer would be paid for its wool,” he said.
WHERE: French bistro Aubaine in Selfridges.
WHO: Richard Nicoll, William Tempest, Harold Tillman, Dylan Jones and Daisy de Villeneuve, Courtney Blackman of the Fashion Business Club.
REFRESHMENTS: Champagne and a veritable feast of lamb and smoked salmon canapés.
HOT TOPICS: The talk of the night was unsurprisingly wool-based, with many guests clad in their finest wool attire. “I’ve got my best wool coat on tonight,” Daisy de Villeneuve told us. “I’m terribly hot though.” Richard Nicoll impressed with his super-soft mohair sweater.