Attention, headache sufferers: Botox has officially been approved by the FDA as a treatment for migraines. Look out for its other off-label uses, which include injections for hair loss and chronic sweating, to become equally lawful in the coming months. (Silk shirt wearers, rejoice.) [NPR]

Another day, another beauty-centric iPhone app. The Ugly Meter analyzes facial images captured on any portable Apple device to determine physical attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10. We’ll download it, but if we’re anything below a 7 we’re demanding a refund.

In a somewhat controversial move, M.I.A. wore a printed burka to the Spike TV Scream Awards this weekend, adding an equally contentious beauty look to the equation. Hey, if only your eyes are visible, why not paint them with glittering aqua shadow, no? [Daily Mail]

First Justin Bieber, now Katy Perry. The California Gurl has collaborated on a new nail polish collection with OPI due out in January, adding yet another beauty endorsement to her growing list of primping products. [Teen Vogue]

And speaking of celebrity-branded beauty, the rumor mill is churning with news that Glee star Lea Michele is next in line for a signature scent. [Coco Perez]