On October 14 2010.TAG Heuer organized A grand press conference to announce the news at Beijing MOMA Contemporary Broadway Cinema.Meanwhile,TAG Heuer also launched a new advertising campaign starred by Mr. Chen Daoming.

As one of the most leading actors in China, Mr. Chen Daoming represents a successful man with substance, generosity,dignity and prudent-thinking. He became famous in 1985 by playing a main character in the TV drama The Last  Emperor,and in 1990 his work at Fortress Besieged made him as one of the  top actors in China. Mr. Chen Daoming continuously challenges himself in his acting career and has played various characters  from the ordinary  civilians to emperors and lords,all of which are well recognized by the audience. He is not only an actor but a thinker who acts with his soul  rather than skills. Kangxi Emperor,the role he acted in the drama Empire Kangxi, can best exemplify Mr.Chen — a man who is courageous, dignified and knowledgeable.

“A man’s greatest fortune is the experience he gains from the everyday life. Every successful character I portray is the foundation for my next role.Even in this fast paced industry,I’m able to relax and reflect,and never give up the pursuit of perfection and idealism.I treasure the hard times, because that is what shapes a man’s values.I pursue creativity and passion in my career and I insist to be true to myself.”Mr. Chen said at the press conference.

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