Wear Chanel to save the environment? Well, not exactly, but buying one timeless tweed jacket instead of four trendy ones is just the kind of subtle lifestyle change Adrian Grenier and Angela Lindvall are advocating with their new eco-friendly pop-up, open today and tomorrow on Greene Street in Soho. “I’m never going to give up my Chanel pieces, because I’ll wear them forever,” Lindvall told us at a preview of the space yesterday. “It’s about knowing what you really need and finding a style that doesn’t have to be so consumptive.”

Part sustainable artwork gallery, part green goods shop, the pop-up is a joint venture between pureDKNY and SHFT. Lindvall is the face of DKNY’s environmentally minded fragrance (the bottle is recyclable and the vanilla bean that makes up its key note was sourced from female farmers in Uganda), and Grenier, along with film producer Peter Glatzer, created SHFT as an online forum that promotes an eco-conscious lifestyle that’s more Stella McCartney than Birkenstock.

The attractive activists, who first became pals through Grenier’s television show Alter Eco on the Discovery Channel, stress that it’s easy to make a difference with simple changes like turning off all the electricity during a dinner party (how romantic) or buying vintage instead of new. “The boogieman is not a good spokesperson for change. You don’t want to be preached to and you don’t want to be scared,” Grenier stressed. “It’s all about finding a balance.” You can preach to us anytime, Adrian.