“I have a huge collection of hats – I have a whole room dedicated to them so that’s a lot of hat,” confesses the burlesque performer and global ambassador for Cointreau.

“You have to be brave to wear a hat. Wearing a hat says: ‘I have confidence and I don’t mind if people are looking at me.'”

But there is one thing Von Teese does mind – if someone else tries to put a hat on her.

“I have to put a hat on myself. There’s just something about wearing it the right way, getting the right tilt, it’s super important,” she says, going on to explain that she has a preference for vintage hats because there’s just something “modern hat designers miss in proportion”.

And of this room of many hats, can she possibly have a favourite?

“Some of them are missing at the moment – they’re in Stephen Jones’ exhibition, they’ve been gone a year. But I do have a brown, Forties trilby hat with a parrot face on it which is perfect in proportion. It’s all in the detail.”