October 29, 2010 In Beijing Omega Launches Ladymatic in Ritz-Carlton Hotel.attended by international media and featuring actress Nicole Kidman.The mechanical wristwatch for women blends state-of-the-industry technology with dramatic aesthetic appeal.

Omega president Stephen Urquhart, who was fighting laryngitis, opened the launch event. He remarked,”I may have lost my voice but Omega hasn’t lost its voice.” His comment was greeted with enthusiastic applause.

Mr. Rollenhagen described the increasingly important role of women as leaders in business,politics,lifestyle and media and said that Omega decided to create a state-of-the-industry watch for women of accomplishment.And this is why Omega created the Ladymatic.

Kevin Rollenhagen said:”to create a watch which would integrate our most innovative technology with dramatic,eye-catching design.It was not enough that it would be equipped with the best mechanical watch movement in the worlds-it also needed to be emotionally and aesthetically expressive.”

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