Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen described the aha moment behind the founding of their label, The Row, at Women’s Wear Daily’s WWD@100 conference this week: On a press tour of Canada, they noticed that the audience was wearing giant sweaters, bug-eye sunglasses, and Balenciaga bags. Exactly what they were wearing, in other words. Well, no one can say they didn’t give the people what they wanted. [WWD]

Hermès is firing back at LVMH after the French conglomerate purchased 17.1 percent of the company’s shares last month. Hermès international CEO, Patrick Thomas, and Bertrand Puech, the fifth-generation heir of the company’s founder, requested that LVMH chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault withdraw. “There is nothing friendly about this move,” they told Le Figaro. [Fashionologie]

Don’t mess with the Hells Angels. That seems to be the moral of their recent copyright infringement lawsuit against the Alexander McQueen label: A judge has decided in the Angels’ favor, ruling that all merchandise with the motorcycle club’s trademark insignias must be recalled and destroyed. [Huffington Post]

The CEO of YouTube, Chad Hurley, is stepping down from his post to focus on his line of menswear, Hlaska (a combination of Hawaii and Alaska). No, really. Hurley, at least, sees the two projects as being vaguely related. “We make stuff we want to use,” he explained to Forbes. “In that sense, it’s exactly like YouTube.” [Forbes via Refinery29]