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Kate Moss Bangs One Out

Is-she-or-isn’t-she newlywed Kate Moss has made an image adjustment: She has new bangs! The super-est of them all, who set off a hair craze back in 2007 when she initially cut herself some brow-grazing fringe, returned to the style at the London release party for Bryan Ferry’s new album, Olympia—for which her famous face provides the cover art (Moss is a big Roxy Music fan, turns out). After sporting long, face-framing layers earlier this month at the Paris shows, it’s certainly a bold change. Is it one that you approve of?


KATE MOSS Music Cover

KATE MOSS has made her debut music cover as she stars on the front of Bryan Ferry’s new album Olympia. Ferry is thrilled with the results, which were inspired by Édouard Manet’s painting of the same name.

“Kate has long been the femme fatale of our age, as controversial as she is beautiful, and the most glamorous icon since Marilyn Monroe,” says Ferry. “Olympia was a kind of early pin-up picture and in a sense a forerunner of some 20th century pop art, which I feel strongly connected to.”

According to Ferry the shoot, which took place in London, was a lavish affair.

“The designer, Gideon Ponte, built a glamorous set with the finest linen and the perfect bed,” Ferry tells the Metro. “Shoes and dresses were flown in from Paris, jewellery escorted by security guards, flowers were everywhere and we had a supporting cast of thousands.”

KATE’s C.R.A.F.T. jeans

KATE MOSS has a new denim obsession – C.R.A.F.T. jeans. The supermodel has been seen sporting the Hells, Nervous Breakdowns and Angels styles everywhere from the Isle of Wight festival to Paris and the Cotswolds. 

C.R.A.F.T. – which cheekily stands for Can’t Remember a F***ing Thing – was formed when two fashion designers found themselves up an Austrian mountain in search of inspiration. There, one night in a schnapps-fuelled haze, they encountered a beautiful guitar-playing girl who played Rolling Stones songs.

Although the pair claim to not “remember a f***ing thing*” from that night, they decided to create a jeans line for “individual, hot-looking girls with the right amount of rock ‘n’ roll” – just like their muse. And Kate Mose herself.

Everyone’s favorite ecologist/explorer/dashing young heir David de Rothschild and his soda-bottle boat, the Plastiki, completed their 8,000-mile, trans-Pacific voyage yesterday. By way of contrast, we made the arduous trek from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Kate Moss is apparently hiring a shaman to exorcise the evil spirits from her London home. Seems easier just to take Pete Doherty’s key away, but we’re sure her way will be very effective, too.

The revival of nineties supe Kristen McMenamy continues: After walking the Calvin show for Fall, she snagged the cover of Dazed & Confused for August—in all her gray-haired glory.

Milly’s moving on up. Designer Michelle Smith announced that she’ll open a 1,900-square-foot store on Madison Avenue in early 2011.

The up-and-coming Australian swimwear line We Are Handsome shares a video peek at the making of its Spring ‘10 lookbook. In other words: cute girls and dudes in tiny, tiger-printed suits. In other words: Rawr!