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The Leading Lady

NATALIA VODIANOVA has been cast as the leading lady in a new film version of Albert Cohen’s 1968 novel Belle du Seigneur.

According to the Daily Mail, the model will play a married Swiss woman who has an affair with a Jewish diplomat, played by Jonathan Rhys Myers. The film, which is set at the start of World War 11, will also include performances from Ed Stoppard and Marianne Faithful. Shooting begins this month in Geneva.

The movie is Vodianova’s second screen role – she also played Medusa in the last summer’s blockbuster Clash of the Titans, alongside Gemma Arterton.


The Fair Lady

ELIZA DOOLITTLE’S mockney voice and pop-soul sound may have made her a hit with the music world, but it is the fashion industry she is keen to conquer next.

“Music and fashion go hand in hand and I always try to dress my best,” she says. “I’d love to try modelling and work with brands I like and try a campaign that’s really right for me – anything that involves Mark Fast, Vivienne Westwood or Moschino. I love all of those brands.”

Doolittle has often been compared to Lily Allen – her London accent taking us back to Allen’s before she went on her maternity sabbatical.

“I just want to be myself,” Doolittle tells us. “It’s annoying being compared to other artists. I think that always happens to new female singers – perhaps it’s quite an easy thing to do.”

The London-born 22-year-old says her style is characterised by bright colours, bold patterns and her Nike hi-tops – which will help her in her latest career move. Doolittle has just been made an ambassador for a new Nike running game called GRID – a new concept which will see London transformed into a game board for runners. The singer admits, however, that she is more into her shopping than she is sports.

“I do run but I’m not a proper runner – I tend to get these big flappy arms when I try,” she says. “I love vintage shopping though – I like One Of A Kind and Episode. I like wearing things that are unique, whether its little denim cut-offs or a cute dress. It’s good to mix it up and make it your own look.”

Doolittle finds the limelight challenge of constantly looking groomed a hazard of the job.

“People try and glam me up but that’s not me,” she tells us. “I like to have my hair naturally and much prefer a look that isn’t too try hard. It’d all go tits up otherwise.”

The young starlet had a claim to fame before she even begun her career – her grandmother is Sylvia Young, founder of the renowned stage school that has made stars out of Amy Winehouse and Nicholas Hoult. Doolittle asserts the family link has had no bearing on her career.

“I didn’t reap many of the assets,” she says. “I didn’t go to Sylvia Young because my parents wanted me to have the choice to do whatever I wanted to do. To me she’s just me grandma.”

The Beckham Lady

VICTORIA BECKHAM knows what sells. The fashion world has buzzed with a rumour that she has hooked up with Katie Hillier to launch a line of handbags – and with the two of them putting their heads together for it, we’re already sure we want one… at least.

Still in the early stages of its conception, the collection will balance Hillier’s technical expertise and flare – her work with Marc Jacobs has given her superstar fashion status – with the guaranteed desirability that Beckham’s design vision has become known for, silencing any one-time sceptics into stylish admiration.

News earlier this week that Victoria has persuaded her husband to design a menswear line has been denied by the Beckham camp – but frankly we’re looking forward to her handbags much more. Form an orderly queue please.

Did Jackie O.—arguably the paparazzo get of the sixties—secretly love being photographed by Ron Galella (pictured, left stalking his prey)? The lensman seems to think so—though based on his description of their one conversation (”You’ve been hunting me for three months now”), we’re less sure.

One of fashion’s ultimate boundary crossers is, no surprise, preparing yet another boundary crossing. Hussein Chalayan is mounting an installation and film on the overlap of art and fashion at London’s Lisson gallery.

Dior doesn’t do anything so middling as erect a mere scaffolding when it renovates a store. It just builds a giant, camouflaging Lady Dior bag.
Your Friday not-so-surprise: Olivia Palermo would like to be a designer.

Fashionista does its best to translate the blog-speak of one Miss Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter and muse of her Material Girl line. Since it’s often difficult to figure out what the hell the girl is talking about, we’re var var (Loures-ism: “very”) grateful, so mercizz (”thanks”).