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Keira Knightley is on a serious roll with three fantastic looks in one day. She started in Chanel at a photocall, then followed with Valentino for a premiere. For her finale, Keira donned a look from Chanel’s Spring 2011 collection at dinner.

Keira’s skirt was a semi-sheer with gauzy black layers and a tweed-printed overlay. She then tucked a thin black sweater in for contrast. Unlike the runway version of this look, she opted against the chunky jewelry and kept the outfit simple by topping it off with black suede pumps.


Zahm Looks For Love

Last night, a heavy wind put a slight damper on what was to be Zadig & Voltaire’s dinner on the rooftop of the Standard. Instead of a windblown dinner, guests were served bite-sized sliders and sea bass downstairs, hot tub-side at Le Bain. But there was less eating going on than boogieing. The evening’s host, Purple’s Olivier Zahm, who shoots the ad campaigns for the French label, spent much of his time chatting up Dree Hemingway (pictured with Zahm, above) and Byrdie Bell, and getting down on the dance floor with Irina Lazareanu and Eniko Mihalik (pictured with Zahm, top). “It’s a good floor to dance on; you can slide but not too much,” Zahm mused of the tiles.

Think of that dancing as research—Zahm is thinking of his next Z&V shoot and wants to focus on paramours. “I told them I want to shoot couples,” he said. “We haven’t decided yet, but one day it will be me with my new girlfriend.” (Zahm is newly single, a fact he announced with a heartfelt post on Purple’s blog that set off a chain of online condolences.) Last night, he said he’s ready to change because “I’m always losing the one I love.”

But it’s not only his approach to romance that may evolve; it’s his look, too. “For men, it’s not easy to not be silly when you follow fashion. For a man your look has to be organic. I think I’m getting more and more into fashion. I want a cleaner look. It’s a softer touch because I feel like I need to be,” he says, gesturing to his ensemble, which included a black velvet dinner jacket. “Girls like it softer, right?”

Pamela Love: Visionary

Pamela Love’s fantastical oeuvre has included gilded bird skulls, snake-charmer quartz pendants, and rings adorned with giant hearts—the organ, not the shape. Her jewelry, much like her appealingly unruly mane of twists and knots, is hard to miss. That’s likely why Sebastian chose her to be a visionary for its classic Re-Shaper hair spray, which is celebrating its 25th birthday this year (past visionaries have included fashion insider types like Charlotte Ronson and Cory Kennedy). Love will appear in ads for the best-selling spray, and a limited-edition bottle inspired by her designs is now available. The jewelry maker and CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nominee took a few minutes away from her pre-fashion week preparations to chat about her new hair-related gig.

Who are some of the people you consider visionaries?

I definitely consider some of my favorite artists to be visionaries. Louise Nevelson, Louise Bourgeois, Patti Smith, Jennifer Herrema from Royal Trux, Anaïs Nin, and style visionaries like Veruschka, Anita Pallenberg, and of course Bianca Jagger. Her humanitarian work, plus the fact that she was married to Mick Jagger, she wears white tuxedoes…I mean, come on! All those women really blow my mind.

How would you describe your hair?

My hair has a very rough texture, wavy, borderline curly, and pretty long. Sometimes it can get really, really, really big and then other times it’s straighter; it all depends on the weather and how I sleep on it. It tends to get dreads and can be frizzy, but, honestly, I kinda like that.

Any regrettable or crazy hair moments in your past that you care to share?

I used to dye it pink and highlight it and do all kinds of weird colors, and I chemically straightened it twice. But I think the funniest story is that when I was younger, I had really long, ratty hair, actually much like what I still have now, and my grandmother could not stand it. She would always be scolding me to get my hair out of my face and comb it and so on. Then one day when I wasn’t paying attention, she took all of my hair in her hands and cut it off with a pair of kitchen scissors. She was a real tough, intense Czechoslovakian woman.

Are you into Sebastian’s Re-Shaper hair spray?

It’s funny because when Sebastian approached me, I was already really familiar with the brand. I’ve used their products, especially their conditioners, for years, and my mom always used the Potion No 9. I wasn’t ever really a big hair spray person, but I found that I like using this one because it keeps it kind of big and curly without getting stiff and gross. And I can put my fingers through it; there’s no combing happening here.

Jerry Hall In Love

SUPERMODEL Jerry Hall has found her perfect boyfriend and couldn’t be happier but as yet has refused to reveal who he is.

“Let’s just say this guy is perfect in every way,” Hall said. “I suppose I hadn’t met The One until now. But I believe all the things that happen to you in life help you become the person you are. I probably wasn’t in the right emotional place to meet the right man for me. I think I have now and it’s great.”

Hall divorced Rolling Stars star Mick Jagger after spending 23 years together. She admits her priorities have changed since the pair split 11 years ago.

“I suppose, when you’re younger, you’re looking for an alpha male with lots of testosterone,” Hall told the Daily Mail. “Mick was very, very charismatic and very funny, but he was also the eternal dissatisfied adolescent. He was so irreverent and loose. But I stopped looking for that in men – priorities change.”

Adrien Sauvage is an unusual multi-talent—a former basketball player turned London’s coolest new suitmaker. Never mind that the photo essay/ad campaign he shot for the line, starring Mark Ronson (above), Coco Sumner (top), Bill Nighy, Terry Gilliam, and an 82-year-old former Harlem Globetrotter is called “This Is Not A Suit.” And there’s another talent still, for photography—”This Is Not A Suit” attracted enough attention from the British media that he’s now fending off offers as a lensman. “For now, I will stick to the design thing,” Sauvage said last night at the line’s debut at Matches. “It’s going so well.”

Sumner was on hand for the event, as were Lily Allen and rocker-sartorialists like Louis Simonon (son of Clash guitarist Paul Simonon, and occasional Prada model) and These New Puritans’ George Barnett, the rock drummer who’s a favorite of Hedi Slimane (and has done turns on the Dior Homme runway). And so, of course, were plenty of sharp A.Sauvage suits as well. There are dashes of public schoolboy style—Prince of Wales check and fine cashmere, but also purple and orange trousers and sizing for the full-grown gent (a nod, perhaps, to Sauvage’s own basketball-player’s proportions). Coco, for her part, was holding out for a custom piece. She didn’t get to keep the suit she modeled, but, she said, “I think he’s making a waistcoat for me. At least I hope.”

Lowe’s Love

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, who recently left Hermes and received rave reviews for his latest couture show, is a favourite of the coming generation as much as he is with older audiences – model Daisy Lowe yesterday called him her number one.

During her monthly photo blog, Today I’m Wearing, she wore Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu and Temperley, but Lowe cites Gaultier as her ultimate wardrobe must-have.

“Jean Paul Gaultier is my favourite all time designer,” she told us.

Daisy attended last night’s Acne London store launch alongside Jamie Winstone, Johnny Borrell, VOGUE.COM contributor Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and Daphne Guinness. It was a whistle stop tour for the model as she dashed off for her next social event.

“Sorry I can’t talk – I’m off to a Florence and the Machine gig and so late,” she said.